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Project: Tangible Beer, or B2P (beer-to-peer) Platform

CategoryBetter Society
NameTangible Beer, or B2P (beer-to-peer) Platform

The idea is to create a combination between a virtual currency and a social network, where people pay for services by sending "tips" to people they like, who have done them a voluntary service, which tips then get "cleared" through a virtual banking system which promotes face-to-face meetings for beer (or coffee). This will enable people to send tangible tips to strangers - or, in other words - create a B2P (beer-to-peer) network.

The system will work in two parts:

- first, when you browse the web, you may see an idea you like, or a nice article to read, or download free software you like. You press the "tip this person a beer" button, and the author gets one "virtual beer" in his account, while you owe a beer.

- the second part is more complicated. You will owe beers to many people you will never meet; however, you can "clear your debt" buy getting beers for people you do meet. So, you can meet somebody who has an account in the system and is owed some beers (by other people) and buy him a beer. This will "clear funds" in your account, so the people you tipped previously will now be able to claim their beers from other people on the system. Ideally, you will buy beers for people who visit your town as tourists. This will have two effects: one, you get to meet people, and (more importantly) people visiting your place get to meet locals who can be their guides (this will assist the platform, as people will select their preferred pubs and will gradually build a worldwide map of good pubs). Two, people in relatively poor countries will "cash" their beers at better rates - if a programmer in Kenya has made good software (like the Ushahidi platform), currently he gets no benefit for this, and cannot sell it locally for as much as somebody in Australia sells his labour; however, when this person then visits a richer country, he will be able to "cash" many beers with locals, so the trip will work out as much more affordable to him, while the locals will be paying what they are used to pay anyway, so it will not be much of a burden for them.

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