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Project: Truth about vaccination?

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NameTruth about vaccination?

Aren't you sick of the debates on vaccination which are not based on comprehensive data but on isolated, limited-scope research? Usually, a "clinical test" of a vaccine only shows that the person receiving it has built up some antibodies. However, that does not mean the person would not have built them anyway, when confronted with the real disease. Furthermore, this does not tell us if the person has really become healthier - what if immunity from one disease came at the expense of a general weakening of the immune system? The easiest way to solve the question is to just look at the REAL data, but nobody has done that. Why? When the answer could be so simple... just take the Medicare records of children in Australia, see which of them have received full vaccination and which have not, and then see how healthy the members of each group are, as evidenced by further visits to the doctor / medication prescriptions etc.

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