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Project: Roman Latifundium in Australia

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NameRoman Latifundium in Australia

The idea is to build an Ancient style farm/small village in rural Queensland or New South Wales which follows as closely as possible the mode of operation of a Roman latifundium 2000 years ago, as described in details in the books "On Agriculture" by Marcus Porcius Cato Maior (Cato the Elder), Marcus Terrentius Varro and Lucius Iunius Moderatus Columella. A "latifundium" was in essence a farm, but significantly more than our modern farms: it was also a mini-village for everyone employed there (usually dozens of people) and was as self-sufficient as possible. The enterprise produced its own food, made its own clothes, most instruments, building materials etc. and was thus very diverse. In our case, it will also incorporate a tourist/educational element, where an important part of income will be derived from visitors who want to learn about or experience the Ancient lifestyle. The latifundium will welcome external guests in a tavern/hotel complex and a small market for foods, arts and crafts. Ancient
re-enactment groups will also use it as a base for their "total immersion" events.

Since the farming operation itself will not be sustainable financially, it will be subsidised by the other activities. Diversification will be sought not only for this reason though, but to make the place more attractive to visitors (tourists and people desiring to see/learn different things) and residents (shareholders and workers). Thus, our aim will be to make the place diverse; it will incorporate a farm/production part, residential part, tourist part, and a small market. All buildings and equipment will be reproductions of Ancient originals, or as close as possible to them.

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