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Project: Direct Democracy Party

CategoryBetter Society / Better Government
NameDirect Democracy Party

The current political system originates from countries such as England or France, where people elected members of Parliament and then these representatives went off to the capital city to sit in that Pariament and vote. The capital city was far away, communication with the electorate was rare so these representatives just came up with a program before the election and then, when elected, started working on it. The presumption is that they cannot ask the voters for everything they should do - a presumption based on a lack of communications, which is not the case in the age of the internet. Why does this system still persist? With our current means of communication, representatives of the people should do just that - represent the people. The people decide what has to be done - the representative does it. On every single issue, the people CAN decide, by an online micro-referendum. Every elected representative will a) announce in advance what decisions have to be made, b) publish all information that may be relevant to them, c) ask the electorate how the vote should go, and d) vote as the people say. We need 500 people (registered voters) to register a new party in Australia and try to do this.

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