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This is a web site for sharing ideas. Big ideas that can make the whole world a better place. Smaller ideas that can make a town a better place. Or a community. Or anything else.

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Ethical Investor

We are building a platform to facilitate social investment based on personal values. The platform will inform people about companies traded on the stock exchange and allow them to channel their investments (direct or through a pension/superannuation fund) based on how well the corporate values of each company fit with the personal values of each investor. A social platform will also enable discussion, research, the dissemination of company news and social activism.

OS Dreams

This is a project to develop the OS Dreams site itself. Its name is abbreviated from "Open Source Dreams", and the idea is similar to the Open Source software movement; the platform will provide a way for people to "open source" their dreams and get a community to help them build whatever they want - online or in the "real world", from making a web site about something through designing some gadget to building an orbital station at the L1 point off Earth... How will that work? You post the idea and try to build up a community around it to support it. The platform will provide you collaboration tools (discussion groups, file storage, project management etc.). Every project will be treated as a virtual company. People put in some work, they get "credits" for it and then these credits act as their "shares" in the projects - so that people who work more have more vote (potentially ousting the founder, but that's all right from the project's point of view - if he was really passionate about it, he would be putting in more work and would not lose control). The major feature though will be collaboration between different unrelated projects. If you want to help a project but have no competencies the project needs, you can put in some work for another project which does need your competencies; it will then owe you a favour which you can transfer to the project you want to support, to be used to "buy" the services of somebody else. In effect, the platform will be a "clearing house" for such favours, allowing people to contribute to causes they care about by doing work aligned with their competencies.

Online Coin Club

The goal of this project is to create a comprehensive database of the world's coins: known characteristics, mintage, design, pricing etc. For collectors and dealers, it should also provide facilities to manage collections, sales and exchanges between members.


This project aims to create an intelligent knowledge-base of historical primary sources to assist research of the past. The idea is to index available books (by Livy, Tacitus, Plutarch, Dio etc.) in terms of: people mentioned in them, facts, places, events and the relations between them so as to allow complex queries like "which persons have been consuls in period X who were also friends of person Y" or "which Roman commanders and on what occasions have enlisted slaves for soldiers", "what were the laws on X in year Y" and so on.

Intelligent Web Exploration

This is a project to develop the Intelligent Web Exploration paradigm from my PhD thesis, for which a prototype currently exists at It adresses several shortcomings of the current web search model, some of which have been detrimental not only to the model itself but also to the Web as a whole.

Roman Latifundium in Australia

The idea is to build an Ancient style farm/small village in rural Queensland or New South Wales which follows as closely as possible the mode of operation of a Roman latifundium 2000 years ago. A latifundium produced its own food, made its own clothes, most instruments, building materials etc. and was thus very diverse.

Truth about vaccination?

Aren't you sick of the debates on vaccination which are not based on comprehensive data but on isolated, limited-scope research? Why? When the answer could be so simple... just take the Medicare records of children in Australia, see which of them have received full vaccination and which have not, and then see how healthy the members of each group are.

Tangible Beer

The Tangible Beer web site will create a combination between a virtual currency and a social network, where people pay for services by sending "tips" to people they like, who have done them a voluntary service, which tips then get "cleared" through a virtual banking system which promotes face-to-face meetings for beer (or coffee). New, revolutionary, B2P model (beer-to-peer).


We want to create a building that is more than just a home. Preferably near the centre of Brisbane we would like to have a place to live that satisfies our needs for privacy, but uses resources efficiently where we are comfortable to share (this can vary from resident to resident). We want high-tech and high-quality, but also resource efficiency and sustainability.

Bring back the passenger airship!

When on holiday, I want to be able to travel "in style" and enjoy the view. Why does no travel company give me that choice? Let us find a way to make it feasible again!

Steampunk Mobile Phone

I need help to create a Steampunk-style mobile phone. It needs some design and research, and actual production can be outsourced.

Direct Democracy Party

The current political system originates from countries such as England or France, where people elected members of Parliament and then these representatives went off to the capital city to sit in that Pariament and vote. The capital city was far away, communication with the electorate was rare so these representatives just came up with a program before the election and then, when elected, started working on it. The presumption is that they cannot ask the voters for everything they should do - a presumption based on a lack of communications, which is not the case in the age of the internet. Why does this system still persist?

Organic Farm Share

To explore the possibilities of an Open Source System for Organic Farm Share. Share the knowledge and know-how with other like-minded community enterprises.

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